I have written several software tools for Acorn RISC OS computers. You can download the latest versions straight away from this page free of charge. The programs are supplied in Spark archives. To extract the software you will need a copy of SparkPlug or similar.

QTM play QTM play v1.01b - 13th June 2000, 140Kb
This application is designed to be a simple desktop front end to the QTM module written by Quantum.

I know there are several programs available that do this but you might like this one better! It is not designed to be a play-list based music player and can only load one song at a time. (at the moment) However it does show all the information available on the song, including a list of all the sample names.

Ease of use is the main feature, and this is achieved with interactive help and a simple to use toolbox that is used to open the various windows.

  • Full interactive help
  • Low memory usage
  • Lots and lots of details about the song playing, including a list of all sample names
  • Toolbox to allow easy opening of windows
  • Saveable options
  • Nice templates and sprites
  • Playback options including volume and channel control
  • Most QTM features included
  • File type checking with appropriate warnings
  • RISC OS 4 compatible

Change Change v1.74 - 25th June 2000 136Kb
Are you bored with the same backdrop every time you use your computer? Change allows you to select up to 100 sprite files that you like and chooses one to display when you turn on the computer. Images may be tiled, centered or scaled. Supplied with a comprehensive StrongHelp manual and an install program.

Recently updated to allow the use of JPEG's with RiscOS4.

(!StrongHelp viewer not included)

Multiboot Multiboot v1.11b - 10th February 1996, 36Kb Multi-boot is designed to make it easy to have several !boot files and select the one you want depending on what you are doing. For example you could have one called Games that opens all the filer windows that contain games. You could have another file called DTP which loads !Ovation (or whatever) and increases the font cache, loads more fonts etc. Alternatively the program could be used in a situation where several people use the same computer and all want different settings, backdrop, memory allocations, apps loaded etc.

!boot !Boot 12Mb
A copy of the new style Acorn !Boot application for RiscOS 3.x and above, as supplied on Acorn User 200th edition cover disc. I have re-compressed the original ARC as a ZIP file, making it ideal for use with the Acorn emulator RedSquirrel.

Sprites Wimp sprites Updated 21st November 2001, 53Kb
Here is a collection of desktop sprites that I use on my RISC-PC, they are the best ones I could find from various sources.